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We can offer evaporated and rock salt. Choosing the right salt depends on your requirements for the specificity of production.


The salt can be used in the food industry, ie - baking, butchering, fat industry, vegetable and fruit processing, and spice production.


The offer includes:

  • Evaporated salt

cleaned of most micronutrients, snow-white, leaving no residue. The salt is packed in 25 kg bags, 1 ton on a pallet.


  • Rock salt

with a wide range of micronutrients, crumb, ground and sorted. A coarse-grained and fine-grained form is available.


Food rock salt non-iodised


NaCl: 97,89%
Ca: 0,49%

Mg: 0,02%

SO4: 1,19% K:0,02%


The salt is packed in BB 1000 kg and has valid certificates.
We provide full-truck orders, we deliver the goods on time to the indicated place.


  • Curing salt

with the addition of sodium nitrite, ideal for curing meat and sausage products.


The food salt comes from the Artyomsol Mine from Ukraine.


We invite you to place orders!

BKD & Partners - sól spożywcza

Food salt, non-iodised

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