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We sell and deliver:

  • Polish road salt from the Kłodawa Mine and KGHM Polkowice-Sieroszowice

  • Belarusian road salt from the Soligiorsk Mine

  • Ukrainian road salt from the Artyomsol Mine

  • Calcium chloride - Ciech

  • Magnesium chloride - Germany

Road salt

Food salt

Magnesium chloride

Calcium chloride


Industrial salt

Orders and services:

  • We provide pallet and full truck orders

  • We set the terms of cooperation individually

  • We deliver the ordered goods on time to the indicated place

  • For the delivery we attach a certificate, certificate and full documentation

  • We offer discounts and suitable payment terms for our regular customers


Bożena Katarzyna Dobrowolska

mobile: +48 509 599 409


Address: 95-015 Głowno,

ul. Łąkowa 18

NIP: 7331028800

REGON: 471499575 

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Road salt

Food salt

Industrial salt

Magnesium chloride

Calcium chloride