Our company is a family business and was established in 2010. The main business of the company is the trade and delivery of road salt. We offer goods tested by our customers, which according to the regulations can be used to prevent slippery in winter. We sell road salt, food salt, salt used in the tanning industry, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. The sales range covers whole EU countries. Our clients are trade companies, shopping centers, housing communities and cooperatives, municipal offices, municipal enterprises, construction and road companies, cleaning companies, road maintenance companies, parking lots and other companies undertaking tenders for road maintenance or other communication routes.


We are committed to building a strong and lasting relationship with our clients based on value creation and mutual trust.


The aim of our activities is to increase customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, through continuous availability of goods, shortening the delivery time of goods ordered by you and reducing the costs of these deliveries.


We adopt great importance to integrity and transparency. Part of these tasks is respect for your privacy and your choices.


Cooperation based on value creation and

mutual trust

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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia
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Bożena Katarzyna Dobrowolska

mobile: +48 509 599 409

e-mail: bkdobrowolska@bkdandpartners.com.pl

Address: 95-015 Głowno,

ul. Łąkowa 18

NIP: 7331028800

REGON: 471499575 

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Road salt

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Magnesium chloride

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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia