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Mainly used in winter as a means for de-icing roads, sidewalks, stairs, to prevent the deposition of dust on unpaved roads, sports fields, tennis courts, speedway tracks.


Also used in industry as a drying agent for gases and liquids in chemical syntheses, as an addition to plastics, for the production of calcium salts; auxiliary agent in drainage of wastewater treatment plant, addition accelerating bonding and sealing to mortars and concretes and other (additives for food, drugs, herbicides, pH-adjusting agent, laboratory reagent).



  • white color with acceptable shade slightly gray, slightly creamy, slightly pink
  • flakes about 2mm thick
  • CaCl2: min 77,5%
  • NaCl: max 3,0%
  • Substances insoluble in H2O: max 0.1%
  • Fe: max 85 mg/kg



Bags of 25 kg, 1 ton on the pallet


Minimum order 1 ton

We invite you to place order!

Calcium chloride

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