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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia

Calcium chloride is a product that is friendly to the environment and when used appropriately, does not adversely affect plants and animals. It absorbs moisture from the air creating a transparent liquid that is resistant to evaporation and penetrates deep into the unpaved road, coating it and preventing dust from rising. On contact with water, snow and ice, it generates heat causing drying and defrosting of the surface. In winter, these properties are used for de-icing roads, sidewalks, stairs, speedway tracks, school pitches. During the year, its binding properties allow the reduction of floating dust from unpaved roads and structures. Calcium chloride is used to maintain roads all year round.


Calcium chloride is also used in industry, it is used for drying gases and liquids in chemical synthesis, it is used as an additive to plastics, in sewage treatment plant drainage, binds and seals mortars and concretes, serves as a food additive, drugs, herbicides, regulates pH, and as a laboratory reagent.


The advantages of using calcium chloride:

  • prevents dusting unpaved roads

  • de-ices frozen surfaces

  • binds dust on construction sites

  • increases the strength of unpaved roads, prevents rutting



  • white color with acceptable shade slightly gray, slightly creamy, slightly pink
  • flakes about 2mm thick
  • CaCl2: min 77,5%
  • NaCl: max 3,0%
  • Substances insoluble in H2O: max 0.1%
  • Fe: max 85 mg/kg



Bags of 25 kg, 1 ton on the pallet


Minimum order 1 ton

We invite you to place order!

Calcium chloride

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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia