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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride 48%, MgCl2 x 6H2O hexahydrate

high-yield product in the form of flakes, odorless, white color, stands out by its excellent efficiency, and thanks to its natural origin is harmless and environmentally friendly. Magnesium chloride has a number of advantages and its properties are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetology, agriculture and construction industries.


The advantages of magnesium chloride:

  • high quality natural product
  • has a low freezing point
  • it inhibits the production of odors
  • it has antibacterial properties
  • has strong hygroscopic properties
  • in contact with water it generates heat, in winter conditions it is used in thawing of various types of surfaces covered with ice and snow


BKD & Partners - Chlorek Magnezu

Magnesium chloride and road maintenance

Magnesium chloride and road maintenance
In winter, it is used to remove ice and frozen snow from road surfaces, bridges, driveways, pavements, parking lots, garden paths, used in ports and airports. Its strong hygroscopicity makes it absorb water, reduces air humidity, fills cracks in the surface and eliminates slush. Does not cause damage to the surface, dries it and prevents re-icing for a long time. Does not leave a white raid on our footwear, does not destroy the car body. He is indifferent to animals and fertilizes the soil.

Magnesium chloride is up to ten times more efficient than the popular road salt, operates at lower temperatures and is environmentally friendly.

It works at temperatures down to -33 ° C.



MgCl2: min 48,10%

KCl: max 0,30%

NaCl: max 0,70 %

MgSO4: max 0,20%

CaSO4: max 0,20%

Fe: max 5,00 ppm

H2O: max 50,50%



25 kg bags, 1 ton on a non-returnable pallet



Magnesium chloride should be stored on squares with a hardened base, in dry and ventilated rooms, protected against rainfall.


Delivery on time:

We offer short delivery times.

We provide you with pallet and full-truck quantities.

The minimum order is 1 ton.

We accept orders electronically via e-mail or a form on the website.


We invite you to place orders!

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Sól drogowa, ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA), chlorek magnezu, chlorek wapnia